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NEST supports innovative companies in implementing their ideas under optimal conditions and at the same time bring in new knowledge from research and development. NEST offers the construction industry and research partners a demonstration platform under real-life conditions to test and develop new ideas and products. At the same time NEST is an international showcase for visions and innovations. If you are interested in becoming a NEST Partner, read more… (view the list of official NEST Partners here)

HiLo boasts specific innovations in the domains of ultra-lightweight construction and smart and adaptive building systems, and we invite you to join these exciting developments, by adding your knowledge and expertise to the mix!





Our primary industry partner for energy production is Flisom, Dübendorf. Flisom, an ETH spinoff, is a producer of high efficiency thin film photovoltaics (tfpv). They will produce custom tfpv elements for the adaptive solar façade, as well as for the integrated shell roof. Working directly with Flisom will allow us to have the highest efficiency and lowest weight tfpv possible for this experimental building technology. These two factors are key to the HiLo project as a whole. High efficiency tfpv is need to meet the stated energy production goals. Lightweight tfpv elements translate to reduced structural loads on the thin shell concrete roof structure and adaptive facade, as well as reduced air pressure for element actuation.


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