The HiLo Core Design team consists of four partners, with the two academic partners residing at the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA), ETH Zurich (ETH):

  • Professorship of Architecture and Structures (BRG) – structural innovation
  • Professorship of Architecture and Building Systems (A/S) – building systems innovation
  • Supermanoeuvre (SM), Sydney, Australia – fabrication innovation
  • Zwarts & Jansma Architects (ZJA), Amsterdam, Netherlands – construction innovation

The HiLo Core Design team is collaborating with:

During earlier stages of the design, the team has also collaborated with:

BLOCK Research Group, ETH Zurich

The BLOCK Research Group (BRG), headed by Prof. Dr. Philippe Block, at the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA), ETH Zurich (ETH), has three core areas of research: equilibrium analysis and design of vaulted masonry structures, computational form finding and structural optimization of curved surface structures, and fabrication and construction innovation for novel shell structures. Taking inspiration from master builders and learning from the past, the BRG aims to provide appropriate assessment strategies for architectural heritage, develop novel structural design approaches for highly efficient and expressive structural form, and propose and implement new and economic construction paradigms. The novel “structural geometry” concepts introduced by the BRG, provide intuitive and geometrical approaches to structural design, bridging the gap between architecture and engineering.

Core contributors: Prof. Dr. Philippe Block, Diederik Veenendaal, Dr. Tom Van Mele,  Dr. Tomás Méndez Echenagucia, David López López

Architecture and Building Systems, ETH Zurich

Research at the Professorship of Architecture and Building Systems (A/S), Prof. Dr. Arno Schlüter, focuses on new approaches for the design, planning and operation of buildings as dynamic systems to create a sustainable vision for buildings and urban communities. The motivation and aim of research is to realize a CO2-neutral built environment that efficiently consumes and produces energy while providing high user comfort. Located in Zurich and Singapore (Future Cities Lab), the research is based on the identification and integration of advanced building services, information and communication technologies. Research objective is the development of new approaches, methods and tools to be used in different climate zones and on different scales and stages of the building lifecycle, ranging from component to urban scale and spanning from conceptual design to building operation.

Core contributors: Prof. Dr. Arno Schlüter, Anja Willmann, Dr. Zoltan Nagy, Bratislav Svetozarevic, Prageeth Jayathissa, Gearoid Lydon, Moritz Begle, Johannes Hofer


SUPERMANOEUVRE is an international award winning architecture and innovation practice. The firm is led by three partners, Dave Pigram, Iain Maxwell and Chris Duffield and operates globally out of Sydney, Australia. The directors have considerable experience in leading roles on internationally significant projects ranging from cultural and government institutions to stadiums and large-scale urban developments. SUPERMANOEUVRE’s projects and research have been exhibited internationally including at New York’s Storefront for Art and Architecture, the 2008 and 2010 Beijing Architecture Biennales and the partners lectured on the firms work at such institutions as the Architectural Association in London, Columbia and Princeton Universities.

Core contributors: Dave Pigram, Iain Maxwell

ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects

Zwarts & Jansma Architects (ZJA) is an international office, located in Amsterdam and specialized in infrastructure, public transport and sport & leisure. Founded in 1990, the office is led by Rein Jansma, Reinald Top and Rob Torsing.

ZJA translates most often complex assignments into unexpected solutions in a distinct manner, based on many years of experience with large-scale building projects. ZJA values their reputation as designers of large scale projects such as highways, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, light-rail -, metro- and train stations, transport hubs and football stadiums, drawing on state-of-the-art technical expertise thanks to amongst others its independent research & development department. In addition, ZJA’s office boasts an inspiring, multinational and international network of complementary expertise, ranging from structural engineers, urban designers and acoustic engineers to interior architects,  sustainability experts and software developers. In recent years ZJA has expanded her activities to other countries such as Belgium, the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Scandinavia.

Core contributors: Rob Torsing, Jochem Verbeek, Jack Bakker

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